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"A swiss-army, freelance 2D animator"

With Imagination and a clever approach, concepts can be conveyed through animation in harmony with the audience and storyteller's flavour.


You can find my services typically in these industries, using these techniques, for these objectives and more.


Visit the Showreels page for reels curated for the Explainers, Socials, Corporate or Character animation.


Featured work

Do you have a product or service,

and need content to spread the word?

Let's make something effective.

...Or are you an agency or studio,

in need of some freelance muscle? - I'm here for you.



Professional Photo_V1.jpg

*Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics Using Adobe After Effects.

Using After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and occasionally Logic Pro X and TV Paint, I've worked with appreciated agencies, trusted studios, renowned companies and unique people,

to create content. 

End clients include...

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